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What is a healthy lifestyle? Simple tips to help.

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What Is A Healthy Lifestyle? This is one of the major questions that our society is still trying to clearly define. A healthy life is basically one that helps maintain and improve one’s overall health and well being. A healthy life is not just about diet and exercise. A healthy life involves being fully aware and making wise choices like eating healthy, being active, managing stress, exercising, improving your mental and emotional well being, among others. Quality health is the most significant investment you can ever make in your life. You should strive for the very best healthy life you can achieve in all aspects of your life, by always making mindful and healthy choices.


What is a healthy lifestyle

What is a healthy lifestyle


What Is A Healthy Lifestyle & What Is It Comprise Of?

A healthy life comprises of smart choices. Here are some of the components of a healthy life:

  • Creativity; By creativity i mean you can pursue things such as art, music, dance, and others, which have all been proven to help in reducing stress and they provide numerous other health benefits.
  • Be active; More often than not, we tend to take for granted the chances that our daily health gives us. Good health allows us to actively participate in our lives. Living a healthy life is actually rooted in being a part of the society and participating in the world that’s around us. People who are living healthy lives are actively living instead of being simply alive.You also need to include fitness as a part of your day to day life. Physical fitness will help in maintaining the proper weight, will help you sleep much better at night, will lower the risks of stroke, heart attack, and other such health problems, and will basically prolong your life. We offer Personal Trainer Austin service to help you reach your goals.
  • Eating healthy; Proper nutrition is a necessity in order for one to have a healthy life. According to the World Health Organization, “A healthy diet helps protect against malnutrition in all its forms, as well as Non-communicable disease (NCDs), including diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer.” Our bodies need a proper diet every single day so as to maintain the necessary adequate amounts of nutrients, minerals and vitamins that are needed in order to maintain a healthy body and life. You should eat a variety of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains on a daily basis; limit drinks and foods which are high in calories, fat, sugar, and salt; eat a well balanced diet so as to help maintain a healthy weight and avoid alcohol and cigarettes.
  • Manage stress; Emotional stress plays a major role in most illnesses. Most people are also likely to overeat, smoke, work too hard, drink too much, when they’re feeling stressed. Hence, stress management is a major part of your new healthy life, and meditation and other relaxation techniques will truly play a key part in your new healthy life.
  • Loving yourself is also key to a happy, healthy life. Self esteem is basically about how people value themselves; how worthy they deem themselves. Self esteem is rather crucial since feeling good about oneself can affect how one acts.

In Conclusion On What Is A Healthy Lifestyle.

If you want to have a healthy life you need to take steps to make sure you maintain a level of balance in your spiritual, physical, emotional, social, mental and financial life. Whatever your age, its’ never too late or too soon to start living a healthy life. You can decide today to take a step toward living a healthy life by making just a single change, right now, in your daily life.

How Often Should I Do Cardio? A Quick Explanation On Best Practices

How Often Should I Do Cardio 123

How Often Should I Do Cardio? It can cost you a lot when trying to fight obesity. From research which has been carried out by experts, it has been noted that Americans use about $147 billion annually to fight obesity. In order to lose weight, you need to burn calories in most days of the week. Among the best exercises you can use to burn the calories is cardio. How often should I Do Cardio to burn calories in your weight loss program? This is a question of debate. There are many things involved in your cardio if you will like to burn calories effectively. Some of the factors include the following:

How Often Should I Do Cardio?

In order to lose weight, you need to exercise in most of the days. It is hard for you to start from nowhere and exercise all the days of the week. For the start, you can start by exercising in nonconsecutive days of the week. For example three days in a week, after carrying out cardio execs for two weeks three days in each week, then you can progress to exercises in four days in a week. After exercising in two weeks, you can then add a fifth day for you to exercise in five days of the week. As you progress gradually, you will adapt your body to working out in all days of the week.

How Hard Should I Push Myself?

There are some people who exercise daily but they end up failing to get rid of obesity. The point where they fail is to take into consideration the intensity of the exercises. Intensity is how hard you exercise. In order to lose weight, your intensity in cardio should be moderate to vigorous. You can use a BORG scale ranging from 0 to 20 to determine the intensity. Easy exercises will range from 6 to 7 while moderate will be rated at 12. For those who will like to get involved in vigorous cardio, then they should stick to a scale of between 17 and 20.

How Long Should I Do Cardio?

You will be required to accumulate between 250 and 420 minutes of cardio in a week for you to record significant weight loss. If you are obese, just 10 minutes of cardio will be very challenging. You can start with 10 minutes in a time, but build on with time so that you will reach a point of working out 60 minutes in a day. By taking into consideration your duration, intensity and frequency of cardio in your workout, you will easily get rid of obesity.

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